IMMICOM assists people like you and your family to move to Canada. We specialized in all aspects of Canadian Immigration: skilled-workers (professionals), business class category, family class sponsorship (parents, spouse, common-law union...) working visas, student visas etc....
If you are interested in immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker or a businessperson, IMMICOM free Online Assessment Questionnaire is designed to enable us to assess your qualifications for immigration. Please complete the Online Assessment form it is free-of-charge. For all other information or programs please do contact us by e-mail at:
IMMICOM services include but are not limited to:
  • Online assessment free of charge;
  • Provide complete list of required documents in support of your application;
  • Detailed study of all documentation relevant to your application;
  • Assessment of your possibilities in regards to the available programs;
  • Priority setting and need analysis with you, the client;
  • Correlation of professional expertise with the chosen province;
  • Completion of all provincial and federal forms;
  • Ensure that all necessary documents have been collected and properly translated if necessary;
  • Submission of your application and relevant documents to the immigration officials;
  • Full support of the applicant's file before the provincial and federal authorities;
  • Monitor your application through the immigration process;
  • Make the necessary representation to increase your chances of obtaining an interview waiver;
  • Tailor-made preparation for the interview, if an interview is necessary;
  • Canadian permanent resident visa for you and your family delivered to your door;

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